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International Institute for Sustainable Mountain Development
Help conserve the mountains for life on Earth

IISUMOD is a voluntary association that works towards improving the lives of mountain peoples and protecting mountain environments around the world. Read More

Achieving sustainable mountain development enhancing the conservation of ecosystems for the benefit of communities, improving their social and economic well-being. Read More

IISUMOD regularly seeks enthusiastic volunteers that are passionate about the preservation and sustainable development of mountains to support its activities. Read More

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About Us

University professors, researchers and scientists. Thought leaders
Our Guiding Principles
  • Livelihood security for the social and economic well-being and better livelihoods and opportunities for mountain peoples, particularly the most vulnerable.
  • Food security for food safety and nutrition, poverty and hunger reduction and lower migration.
  • Ecological security for the conservation, health, vitality and stewardship of ecosystems for their value and for the benefit of communities.
Our Mission
IISUMOD envisions a world where Mountain Organic Agriculture becomes a global reference for sustainable food and agriculture systems with evidence based research and development in mountain areas at different scales.
The Vision
Promoting Mountain Organic Agriculture research and development to secure a better future for mountain peoples, their environment and resources by enhancing livelihood, food and ecological security, supporting human rights and security in a framework of sustainable mountain development worldwide.

Our Work

Mountain Organic Agriculture (MOA)

Create and develop a new field of studies that deals with the mountain as a single entity by following principles of organic farming and its techniques, tools and practices.

Mountain Biodiversity

Focus on climate change and food insecurity, indigenous varieties and associated knowledge for biodiversity conservation.

Socio-economic Development

Focus on life expectancy and levels of employment, including personal dignity, personal safety, and freedom for achieving sustainable development in the mountain society.

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Develop capacities and equal opportunities for men and women of marginalized groups for accomplishing transformative changes.

We are a non-profit, non-corporate and non-governmental institute. We rely on donations to carry out our mission to support sustainable mountain development. Will you help us today?
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Activities you can join

Research Lab

Develop projects aimed at saving biodiversity products in danger of extinction.


Support, promote and encourage local, regional, national and international networking of people's initiatives and the activities of international, regional and local non-governmental organizations working on mountain research and development and help support those organizations in the exchange of information and experience.

International Mountain Organic Agriculture Movement (IMOAM)

Develop a global mountain network for the research and development of MOA at different scales called IMOAM that plans to gather the organic agricultural agencies, institutions and individuals from globally. IMOAM is a tool for decision makers, academia and development professionals to exchange information and good practices related to mountain organic agriculture to share ideas, experiences and common strategies for its further development in the mountain areas and to valorize its potential and identity in the global scales.

Strengthen Capacity

Promote and support training and extension programmes especially among local mountain communities and other stakeholders in order to promote the sustainable mountain development agendas at different scales.

Undertake environmental education for farmers, in particular for women, to help the rural population better understand the ecological issues regarding the sustainable development of mountain ecosystems.

Offer scholarships/fellowships at national and international levels for sustainable mountain development at different scales.

Organize summer / winter schools about the conservation and sustainable development of mountain areas with a special focus on the nexus between climate change, food security, water and out-migration

Organise workshops, seminars, conferences, and training courses in the areas interested by projects in a framework of sustainable development at local, regional, global levels.

Annual 3-month course on MOA –Mountain Organic Agriculture. Government officials, technicians and experts working in the conservation and development of mountain regions will develop further their knowledge during this annual course. Each year since 2019, different topics on MOA will be planned to better face the challenges of nutrition and food insecurity, unsustainable agriculture, biodiversity losses and climate change. IISUMOD Secretariat will work with the collaborating partners to hold the course in Rome, Italy.

Share Knowledge

Support, promote and encourage In collaboration with national and International Universities, ISUMOD is organizing the academic tours, research and development initiatives to aware the roles and responsibilities of the researchers and development professionals and students to share innovation, ideas and expertise in between the Alps and the Himalayas for Sustainable Mountain Development.

International Mountain Conservation Award

Celebrate the International Mountain Day for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas.

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